Early Hours of the Night


A few tendrils of my hair fell over my eyes as I mounted my nerdy sex god.

I know, I know…how can someone be a nerd and a sex god? Well this man, intellectually stimulating and well, every other kind of stimulating knew how to get my panties wet from both his words and his long, deft fingers, among other parts of him, that rocked my world right to my core.

His fingers parted from my hips, to carefully tuck my hair behind my ear. The simple, kind gesture from this man was enough to take my breath away.

Long, dark eyebrows wiggled playfully at me as his amber- eyes glowed into mine. A small smile lingering on his lips instantaneously grew into a megawatt smile.

Between our shared smiles, it was all I could do to not kiss him.

He threw the pillows to the floor, and I felt him shift under me. Before I knew it, I was under him, laying flat on my back on my bed. Quick and agile his body was as he pinned me down. Hovering over me, he looked pleased as the headboard loudly slammed against the wall.

My eyes traveled to his muscled arms that trapped me in his own web, the tight, cotton shirt that clung to his chest, the stubble that lined his sharp jaw, his lips that curved up into a mischievous smile just for me, and back to his eyes that stared with hunger, into mine.

A certain hardness pressed against my shorts told me exactly how much he wanted me.

Squirming, I reached to touch him down there.

“You’re not going anywhere” he teased, raising his eyebrows before beginning his torture. Unsympathetically, he started licking the crevasse between my neck and my heaving breasts. The feel of his tongue and stubble against my skin caused me to fall into a fit of laughter. He knew precisely how ticklish I was in that spot, and I both loathed and adored him for it.

Giggling like an idiot, I pleaded, “Stop. Stop.” But truth be it, I didn’t want him to stop. I would never want him to stop, and he knew it.

He lightly laughed, then paused and casually leaned back to grace me with another smile that reached his eyes, before lowering his mouth a mere inch away from mine.

I felt his hot breath on my lips. As he paused there, I knew I couldn’t take the suspense for much longer.

Stretching my neck, my lips sought his. And then, what I’d been waiting  for… he lowered his head to briefly touch my lips with his.

“Eyes open,” he commanded sternly, “Look at me. I want to see the pleasure in your eyes when I kiss you.”

A shiver ran down my back.

There was no question about what I wanted. Reaching up, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

His tongue began licking the outer corners of my lips, begging to enter.

My mouth opened up to him automatically. It wasn’t the only thing I’d open for him. Slightly, I parted my legs. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want him to take notice.

As we kissed, we didn’t break eye contact.

It was unnerving. And sexy. And, oh my god, I could forget everything else in the world and just get lost with this man. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pulled him to me.


The gentle, dance of our tongues began.

And soon, he, both forcefully and passionately, shoved his tongue deep into my mouth seeking every sweet spot. He seized my tongue with his mouth, and he sucked on it. Hard.

Pushing against him with all the strength I could muster, I threw him against the bed. Climbing on top of him, I pushed his shirt up to his chin, and laced my fingers in the hairs of his naked chest.

He placed his hand behind my neck and urgently pulled me down to meet his lips- bringing all of me down with him.

Shifting under the sheets multiple times as we never broke the kiss, our bodies danced as we got closer, moving our heads from side to side, trying to get deeper, closer, till we could feel absolutely no space between us. Just our warm, slick bodies rubbing against one another. I dug my fingers into his back, pulling him to me. I wanted him inside me.

Down my neck and breasts, I felt tiny droplets fall as if it were raining.

“Emily… Em?” He questioned.

I kept kissing him and feeling more droplets.

“Em, what’s wrong?” His voice hoarse and genuinely concerned.

That’s when I noticed I was crying.

Before I thought about what I was going to say to him, the words, “This isn’t real,” escaped me.

And soon, I woke to a dark, dark room.

Breathing heavily, I turned on the bedside lamp which filled the tiny room with light once more. I felt robbed when realized it was just me in my room.

Overwhelmed with my feelings, I realized what I’d just experienced wasn’t real. But the tears were. The feelings were.


I had dreamed of him again.




Part 2 to come soon! Thank you for reading!

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