I should’ve told her how I felt a long time ago.

I should’ve been the guy who helped her when she fell, stood up for her when some other ass-hat made fun of her, made her laugh when she cried.

Round and round in circles my mind we go.

Could’ves, should’ves, would’ves pile up. And soon, I’m creating a mental list I can’t keep track of.

I’m an idiot for making her believe I disliked her. That I wanted to hurt her. For leading her to believe I liked someone else.

Even though I knew that the superficial hellion mistreated my girl, I hungout with her.

And now, my love thought all we had was a fucking joke.

My feelings weren’t a lie. But why would she believe me after all I’ve put her through?

I’ve spent my whole relationship with my love lying to her.

As I watch my love scatter down the hall, my heart sinks to new depths. My fists clench at my sides in frustration.

I want to run after her again- try again to make her believe me.

I feel the hellion before I see her, as her sharp nails latch onto the back of my neck. Shrugging my shoulders, I try to escape her unwanted hold.

There’s only one girl I want touching me.

And I might’ve fucked it up before we’ve even begun.

“You’re too good for her,” she snaps- a hint of jealousy there I hadn’t noticed before.

I turn to face her, and a laugh I can’t hold back erupts.

“I doubt I’m good enough for her.”

Her face scrunches in an unappealing way- giving me the slightest satisfaction.

“Leave her and me the hell alone,” I spit in a tone so serious and malicious I don’t even register it as mine. The last thing I recall saying all day.

The bell rings.

I drudge on to class.

But I don’t remember getting there, sitting in my seat, my teacher talking. The rest of my day continues in the same manner.

I don’t recall the rest of my day or my walk home or getting into bed. But I do.

All that’s on my mind is her and how I can get her to believe me. How I can get her to love me.

Now that I’ve had a taste of what it could really be like with her, I won’t stop at anything to get her back.

As I lay in bed- eyes open and most likely bloodshot, the dark room becomes light once more- an idea strikes.



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