It’s no secret that people are greedy. Everyone is greedy for something. We always want more. More money. More food. More vacations. More things. More friends. More love. More sex. More. More. More. We can’t just be content with what we have- even if we are already past the point of hoarding. But maybe more is the key to everything.

Some of us will stop propelling and decide what we have is “good enough”, while others never do.

If we didn’t strive for more, what would we accomplish? What would we experience? What would we feel? What ambition would we have? What impact on the world would we make? What kind of life would we live?

So what if others say you shouldn’t ask for more.

You can have as much of what you want as you want.

The more you study, the more you know. The more traveling you do, the more experiences you have. The more people you meet, the more you learn about humanity. The more love you feel, the more enriching your life may feel. The more sex you have, the happier and more tired you may feel. The more you accomplish, the more of a difference you may make on the world.

You may distract yourself and tell yourself that you don’t want more- that you don’t need more, but for many like me, these thoughts are elastic. And will never fully go away.

It is good to want more. It is good to strive for more. Just do not forget to appreciate what you have along the way to more. If you always expect more, you will be left feeling unsatisfied and disappointed often.

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