Life is much more beautiful through rose-colored glasses. Though that is only the opinion of one hopeless romantic who writes fictional love stories.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really feeling the “hopeless” part in the term, ‘hopeless romantic.’ Something about it doesn’t sound right to me… I wouldn’t refer to myself as hopeless.

To someone who isn’t a hopeless romantic, we can at times, seem like crazy people. Maybe we are, but we are extremely passionate. And if you’ve found yourself a hopeless romantic, you’ve won the lottery! Because never again will you feel unloved or uncared for. As hopeless romantics, we put you first, tether ourselves to you, and there is not anything we wouldn’t do to make sure you feel loved.

Exhibit A: Making your dreams come true– It’s always been a dream for my boyfriend (now fiancé) to fly a plane. Well, you can guess who surprised him with his first flying lesson! It’s a day he still talks about. I still remember the look of complete shock and excitement on the day he found out he was going to pilot a plane!

Exhibit B: Letting you know how important you are. Surprise love notes, love letters, and post-it’s that say it all (maybe even poems and songs). We’ll constantly tell you what we love about you and how we’re feeling about you.

Exhibit C: Gifts! Who doesn’t love gifts? Get ready for little surprises through gift giving! It may be as simple as your favorite food, flowers, candy, surprise dinners, and random things you like.

Exhibit D: Something you hate can be checked off your To-Do list (laundry, dishes, etc)…little surprises like this will be completely taken care of for you once in awhile. Also, we’ll take care of you when you’re sick or not feeling so great.

Exhibit E: Your car is stolen! … be filled up with gas or to be taken for an oil change. Consequently, when I tried to do this nice gesture, I got into a car accident with his car. Oops! 😑

Exhibit F: Your love surrenders to you. Hopeless romantics give themselves to their partners completely. They will do whatever it takes to please you. This can be taken in two ways– read it how you like. 😉 Just remember that your partner expects something from you in return.

Hopeless romantics are often people who go cuckoo for romance, believe in true love, and favor grand romantic gestures. We are called “hopeless” because we’re far and few between- it’s difficult to find and fall in love with a fellow hopeless romantic. We love to give love and will give ourselves completely to you, but not without expectations. We expect what is given to be returned- feelings, displays of affection, and small gestures.

I live for romance. Every day. Really, even if I need to create it myself through my stories.

Hopeless romantics are very sentimental- attaching and finding special meanings in things others may not. We cry easily- from Disney movies to beautiful piano music to the end of The Notebook– (but who couldn’t?! Ugh…it gets me every time). Point is: we’re easily moved to tears. We feel strongly. We love with our all – mind, body, and soul.

Others may call us crazy, needy, or high maintenance. Let them, and don’t give a damn. Hopeless romantics are special people who make the world a better place.

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