My whole life I’ve waited for… a piece of paper?

To legally say, “I am married” is to say “I own a piece of paper from the government that says so.”

In the last few years, I don’t think I could’ve felt anymore married than I already do. When I wake up, my love is there. When I go to sleep, he’s there. He’s been there through it all. For the best and the worst…

Celebrating getting that new job. When that investment fell through and lots of money was lost. When we got a pet. Being a shoulder to lean on when one was throwing up all night from a stomach bug. When a relative died. When the investment doubled! When we went on a vacation. And so on…

We’ve helped and supported each other through life’s surprises- the good and bad. We’ve grown together. We are each other’s best friends and understand each other, for the most part- even in all of our weirdness.

What’s different? A piece of paper and a title. And monetary obligations by the government if we ever decided to end it.

A wedding is a very special day to celebrate your love with all your friends and family who’ve really mattered along the way. A wedding and ceremony is a big celebration you don’t want to miss!

But I ask myself, Do we need that little piece of paper? No. We don’t.

Do others need it? Maybe. Maybe some of us need it for religious reasons. Or do some of us only need it because that is what society expects?

I wonder…

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