Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

It’s just you and me. Up and out all night, we are undoubtedly young and free.

Holding your hand takes me afar to dreamland.

Feeling vivacious and flirtatious, I wonder… Can’t it stay this way forever?

There will be plenty of time to sleep someday. 

Until then, we are alive.

We can go here, there, anywhere we so choose.

Wandering between the late night and early morning.

We have arrived.

The city, a big playground, at our feet.

Let’s dance.

Let’s eat.

That and this.

This and that.

Is this legal?

Do we care? 

Here’s a secret: I’m not wearing any underwear.

Only we know where we are going.

And yet, we don’t.

Screw the maps.

We can find our own way without the apps.

Just you and me.

Little lights, like our little thoughts, glow in the dark.

Only our feet are grounded.

Music plays on my mind–it knows just the kind.

Our eyes, hearts, and souls collide.

I’m ready …ready for a bumpy ride.

My previous post got me thinking about writing a poem! It’s been years since I have written poetry, and usually the kind I write does not rhyme. However, this was entertaining to write. I hope you enjoyed as well.

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