Smooth and rough.

Perfume meets musk.

Feet entangled.

Eyes locked.

Clawing. Pulling closer.

Fistfuls of hair in hand.

Heavy, ragged breaths tickle.

Trails of nibbles and kisses.

Tingling pleasures head to toe.

Sighs of contentment.

Climbing hundreds of feet off the ground.



The burning of a constant rubbing.

An itch. An ache. That can’t be scratched.

Holding on and testing limits.

Ankles tickling.

Toes crinkling.

Thighs shaking.

Pussy quaking.

Back curving.

Scattering across the bed into a million pieces.

Coming back down to reality.

Damp sheets. Messy hair.  Soaked underwear.

Two bodies slick with a sheen of sweat.

Deliciously sweet and salty.

A loving embrace. Home. Comfort. Love. Happiness.

Magic for humans.

Best drug of all.





Bathing in a pool of desire.

Revelation — I will not tire of sex.

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