Where is the appreciation for poetry these days?

One of the most romantic ways to express feelings is through words. I’m sure my fellow bloggers would agree. 🙂

Any classy, literate woman would agree that words have a way with messing with our panties in just the right way men like it (sorry if I am being terse, I may have enjoyed a glass too many 😉 ). But truly, I have no shame to admit it.

Men can & do appreciate poetry as well. Poetry is an art form. It is not a dead art form, but it is not used as it once was.

Songs, poems, and love letters are all romantic displays of affection. Though some today may come in a text, it can be romantic regardless of if it is on paper or an electronic device. It’s all about your choice of words and pouring out your unhindered emotions.

Whether you are male or female, you can write a poem, song, or love letter to express your feelings to that lucky guy or girl.

Write a poem about the first time you saw them or that time she nearly tripped & you caught her. Write about that time he stretched and you saw his stomach peeking out. Write about that time she told the corniest joke ever then blushed in a way you thought was adorable. If it has a special meaning for you, it will have a special meaning for the other person. Write out all your feelings, then polish them.

Just show how well you can focus on that person and the littlest things about him/her through creating a song or poem. There is no other beautiful way to express love than through pure honesty in your words.



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