Millennials are notorious for being selfish. That may be partially true. Hey, you’ve only got one life to live! So you should be spending it the way you want!

But is there a special someone who you would like to share your life with?

How can you show you are a good lover (and be one), but still stay true to you? Read on!

Bring up something that he/she has said…during your next conversation. This shows you were listening, after all. 🙂

Send a song/ talk about a song. Couple that with, “This made me think of you…” (& make sure you are not sending a song about death–been there, done that!) or write a poem or a love letter. Or even better, write your love story–how you felt when you first saw that person, what you were thinking, et cetera. These things should be done more often!

Compliment him/her on something people may not often notice or mention. Only do this if it is 100% genuine.

Post-it love. Write little notes for him/her to find later. Post-its, napkins, anything you can get your hands on will do! Creativity gets you bonus points.

Say how you feel. This is a no-brainer…the person is not going to automatically know how you feel. If this person means a lot to you, say it. If you love this person, say it.  If this person makes you feel so happy you do not know how to deal with it, say it. If this person makes you so turned on that you want to jump them, say it. He/she may need a warning. 😉

Give him/her something of yours. Make sure to mention why you did (there should be a reason)–even simply, it made you think of him/her.

Ignore the rest of the world when you’re together. Be silly. Be obnoxiously loud. Laugh like it’s your last. Kiss wildly on the street in front of others. This shows that a) you don’t care about other people, b) your full attention is on him/her, and c) you are really interested in him/her.

Do something that person enjoys…even if you dislike it. I am not saying to do this weekly, but give it a try at least once. Bonus points if you keep at it– once a month or every few months. If you decide to take one for the team, do it with a positive attitude!

Invite him/her out with your other friends. This shows you want him/her to be with other people who mean a lot to you.

Surprise him/her. With a gift of something that they enjoy or taking them to do something you know he/she would enjoy. Show off your thoughtful side! I know it’s in there!

Put him/her first. Sometimes and for somethings. This does not have to be all the time. Maybe you had a day to yourself planned, but the person you care about is having a bad day. If you make time for him/her, it goes a long way.

Share what you love. Show him/her something that you really love (besides them). Take him/her to your favorite retreat, restaurant, park, or wherever it is you like to go. You can also show things you enjoy doing. This shows the person you want to share what you enjoy with them; therefore, they mean something to you.

Ask how he/she is doing. That person may seem fine, but it is best not to assume. Ask how he/she is doing, and be sincere. If this person means something to you, then you do care about this.

Share your secrets. Tell this person things not many/any others know about you. Even if very uncomfortable, it shows that you trust this person, and you care enough to tell them things that are a part of you.

Be all ears. Maybe they want to tell you a story or about something that happened in their day or in the past. Even if it is boring or you could care less, do your best to maintain eye contact. Don’t interrupt, and do not walk away.

Physical expression. Don’t just say how you feel–show it! Give an uncomfortably long hug. A kiss. A high-five when he/she accomplishes something or is really excited about something.

Be supportive. Cheer on this person to do what they love and to follow his/her dreams.

Sweet or salty or both? Who doesn’t love food? First, find out what he/she likes. Then offer to get takeout, cook something for him/her, or you can make something together.

Look your best when going on a date. Wear what you think is natty –and make sure it complements you!

Be yourself, and do what feels right. Hope you enjoyed reading these suggestions and/or find them helpful!

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