Distancing yourself from a person can be a difficult task in and of itself. Distancing yourself from someone you really like, perhaps love, is even more difficult- bordering on the impossible.

It was her who could take my hand, and I’d give her the world. I would steal the world if she wanted, because all I wanted most was to see that smile and have the satisfaction of knowing I put it there.

Deep rooted in my gut, I knew I should distance myself from her. I felt pressured and obligated to attempt to make the most moral choice. I lived by my morals.

Putting the feelings of others before my own, I always tried to do right. But could I with this one thing? Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

But there were so many factors standing in the way. I didn’t know if she shared in my feelings. I could ruin her life. My life. And others. And if it didn’t work out, which it probably wouldn’t. I would lose what I had now. Is it all worth it? I find myself asking the question again and again.

So I stood where I did. Flirted with the one who could destroy everything. And a part of me tried to distance myself, but if it was up to me, it would be futile.

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