At times, when you fall in love, you can feel yourself get lost in all the emotion of it.

Love can be overwhelming. It’s amazing, complicated, and messy.

You may not even be in a relationship with that person, but you feel the sparks and stings of being in love.

You never want to be apart, but here’s the thing–you aren’t. When you are not together, that person is still there– when you close your eyes, in your dreams, and compromising all other thoughts.

You may be content with spending several minutes or hours just thinking of that person as you lie in bed. Time leaves you without a trace

Thinking of the day you spent together last weekend, when you talked on the phone, or just thinking of that person (perhaps that person sans clothing). 😉 You fixate on the little things–his/her laugh, the eyes, the freckles, the way that person pronounces certain words. You probably also replay (in your mind) the touches and/or kisses you’ve shared.

You think of this person constantly, and you just can’t stop!

What can you do to manage your overwhelming emotions?

Embrace the emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Wear that smile, and be damn proud of it! 🙂 Appreciate the feelings. They will not always be there (or at least- not as overwhelming).

Write it down. Journal or blog. Get out all of those thoughts trapped in your mind!

Talk it out! Tell a good friend.

Talk it out with your love! He/she is probably feeling the same way.

Put that emotion into motion by doing something special for your love (planning a special date, writing a song, making a scrapbook to remember your memories, etc.).

Keep busy with the hobbies you enjoy! Exercise is a great one! Read, create art, do whatever it is you do best and have fun!

Release your sexual stress with your own two hands. 😉

Call/ text your love, but not incessantly. You both need time apart.

Treat Yo-Self! Pamper yourself to a massage, a new outfit, or that chocolate chip cookie. 😛

Deep breaths! Go to the gym for some Yoga or do some at-home meditation. Dim the lights, get some candles, soft playing music, and breath deeply. YouTube meditation videos.

Get out of the house! Go get dinner, meet up with friends for drinks, go to the park for a hike, or go to a concert. Just go somewhere!

Learn something new that you want to. 

Listen to music that you feel relates to these feelings. I personally love, “If I Lose Myself Tonight,” by One Republic–though it is said that the song is supposed to have a darker meaning. I have a whole “love” playlist on Spotify and a station on Pandora.

Point of this post is: enjoy the feelings! Yes–they may be overwhelming, annoying, and take up time. But you probably won’t always have these intense feelings. Embrace them. Use the other suggestions listed above to help manage the overwhelming feelings.

Hope this was helpful / that you enjoyed reading! 🙂

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