A short, fictional excerpt written on forbidden love by yours, truly. Enjoy! :

A man mindlessly strolling without a clue, I weave around and between strangers and friends alike. Even in the company of familiar faces, I am out-of-place. Unsatisfied. And I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Until my eyes meet hers.
Now, I know I’ve arrived. Where I am. What I am doing. It’s all crystal clear now.

A radiant glow besieging her enraptures her to me all the more.

All I have been missing. She’s my last puzzle piece.

Beset with an unfamiliar, clamoring need. It’s all the thinks my mind can think. A simple touch of the hand or hug will not suffice.

Wanting to be with her, inside her, alongside her from this moment on.

She approaches me with a platonic embrace.

Alas, this is all I am granted. All I will ever be granted.

So, I clutch onto it with everything I’ve got.

And smile.

I appreciate this small moment we share and find comfort in the small satisfactions.

All the rest that I want is buried deep. For no one to know but me. And with sleep, I find a calming peace as all my desires are met in unconsciousness.

When I wake, it’s squandered. But still, I hold on to the hope of a simple sight, conversation, and the soft touches with which I consider myself lucky to be granted.


3 thoughts on “Man’s Missing Puzzle Piece

  1. “It’s all the thinks my mind can think” – this is an excellent sentence. Yes, an excellent and wonderful and glorious sentence. I am going to hold onto it for later. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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