Do women say stupid things? Many men would say “hell yes.” I am not sure how many women would agree, but I can often see things from the perspective of both sides. Growing up close to my brother, having mostly guy friends throughout my life, and living with my man for over five years now, gives me insight to a man’s perspective.

This post was requested by a good, male friend of mine. The following post was created for men to understand women a little more (reprieve women!) and to know how to handle these situations when they present themselves. You can read the reverse post: Reprieving a Man for His Stupid Choice of Words here.


“Do you think she’s pretty?” It’s a trap! It’s a trap! Unless you know what you are doing. She wants you to tell her that she’s pretty and that there is no one else who compares to her beauty! Change the subject to her, and you will be graciously rewarded.

“Does this make me look fat?” She just needs some reassurance. A compliment doesn’t hurt. 🙂

“You’re paying right?” Women should not just assume that a man will pay. Personally, I think a gentleman would pay for the first date and offer to pay for other dates. However, women should not expect it. And should say “thank you.”

“I’d rather be happy than have money,” or “I don’t care about money.” If only that were true…but face it, we need it to survive. Usually a women means that money is not her first priority—which is, potentially, a good thing. Maybe love is her first priority or maybe her health is her first priority.

“My Ex…” No one wants to hear about an ex! She may be trying to make you jealous. Give her a taste of her own medicine, and see how she likes it. Try to keep things playful to help her see your side of things without starting a fight.

“I am going to break a nail.” I know some women that actually say this a lot. They do pay a lot of money to get fake nails…I am not saying this is a bad thing. But, some guys like a woman who can do things without the excuses of “breaking a nail.” I’ve never gotten fake nails, because they would instantly break from all that I do.

“Can’t you be more sensitive?” Women just want guys to be on their level of understanding. However, saying this, makes the woman insensitive.

“Can’t you be more understanding?” This fits in with being more sensitive. She just wants you to try to understand things from her point of view. Ask questions and be sincere: Explain more. Please try to help me understand.

“I hate men.” Okay? I hear a lot of women say this, but it is false. If someone says it and actually means it, they are stereotyping and sexist. This is just a stupid phrase, because usually, the woman saying it does not really mean it.

“I have nothing to wear!” Chances are, she has A LOT to wear. Just ignore the comment or try to feign sympathy. If you are really tired of it, start talking about children in poor regions of the world. It always gets to me when my guy talks about poor children in Africa.

“Every guy wants me.” Ego much? I have heard some women say this. It is usually the ones who are the most self-conscious and feel like they need the most love. They may, but they also need some self-love.

“But I am the woman, and you are the strong man.” If she says this, she is probably trying to get you to do something. I am guilty of this one. 🙂 But can you blame her? And besides, she is being nice.

“I want a real man. You may wonder: What the f*** does that mean? I have a penis…what else do I need? Well, every women has her own definition of a “real man.” I would say a man that is open to expressing his true feelings through words and actions.

“She’s ugly. She’s stupid. She’s a slut. She’s not…” You get the picture—your woman is seriously insulting another women. And chances are, she’s probably never met her. Here’s the thing: She is jealous. In some way. Of someone. It may not be pretty, but take this as a compliment. If you want to end the frustration and bitterness, change the subject to be about her—You are the most beautiful, amazing woman. Do you know that?

“Who is your favorite person?” You better say her! That is what she wants to hear. She wants to know that you mean everything to her. Good news for you, this means that she is also saying that you mean everything to her.

“You don’t care about me.” Most likely, she knows you do. She just wants you to give her a reminder. Best choice is to play along and go on about how much she means to you (instead of getting angry). She just wants attention.

“But I have my period.” At some point, most women use it as an excuse—at least once in their life. But come on, it does suck. Men, you do not understand, and you can’t.

“I look fat in this picture.” “My freckles are ugly.” “I can’t stand my arm fat.” “My hair is a mess.” “But I’m not wearing any make-up.” Everyone is their own worst enemy. Women are really their own worst enemy. We can be so hard and judgmental of our own appearance. To help your woman, offering reassurance is always nice. Do not get mad if she argues with you. She is actually hearing you. It will sink in… eventually.

“Nothing is wrong.” If she seems tense, this means something most likely is wrong. Tread lightly! Talk with her before things escalate into a fight.

 “I just need one more minute.” You wait there, and the minutes tick by. This phrase is “stupid” to men, because it usually is more than just a minute! Be prepared to wait ten minutes or more.

“Am I annoying you?” Even if she is, always say no. Chances are, that question is annoying you.

“That’s it?” She wants more from you, and may be trying to annoy you. She may also be busting your balls. Tickling is a fun way to get back at her.

“Go ahead!” “Going ahead” is probably what she does not want you to do. Yes means no, and no means yes in a woman’s world. If she says “no” to something, though, always listen. If she really meant yes—she should not have said “no” then.

“All men are the same.” This is usually said in anger—when a woman has had too many bad experiences with men. No, not all men are the same. Why do women say this? I do not know.

“What do you mean?” You can tell her that her outfit “looks nice,” and she may ask this. You can tell her that your new co-worker is friendly, and she may ask this. Women always want to know more. Many will look for deeper meaning when most men are often straightforward with what they say.


Women crave love and attention. The best advice I can give to men is to show the women in your life that you care through your words and actions. And often. Women can get annoying when they feel ignored, unloved, or lonely.

There can be misunderstandings between men and women, but you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. I hope this post was enjoyable or helpful. Or both! Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Reprieving a Woman for Her Stupid Choice of Words

  1. Not just women, men also say stupid things, everyone says stupid things, if you do not admit, then you are in absolute denial. We are human beings and we have a mouth for each humans, it is up to us to speak what is through our heart and mind, not without cogitating at all. Loving your perspective on this piece of write-up. Have hope, write on!

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    1. I completely agree! All people say stupid things-whether male, female, or someone who does not associate with either sex. I mention how all people at some point, say the “wrong thing” in my reverse post- Reprieving a Man for His Stupid Choice of Words. It is not meant to overgeneralize, but meant to offer some fun and insight where actually serious. Thank you for reading and for your comment! 🙂

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