Once you’re living in the real world, you’re living life in the fast lane–and it’s not always a good thing. The days can go by within the blink of an eye! It’s easy to get caught up in the same mundane routine. It’s difficult to get out of work-mode. Sometimes, you may even bring work home with you! And, of course, there’s work to be had at home–cooking, cleaning, taking care of pets (and children if you have any). Before you know it, you may go days, weeks, or longer without sex. You start losing your sex drive. You start becoming orgasangry. You wonder, “How did I get here?”

How did you get there? Well, that’s not what this article is about.

Here are some tips to catapult your or your partner’s sex drive:

  1. Smells. It may sound like this should not be #1, but it is particularly important. Put on his favorite perfume (for his sex drive) or grab a hold of his cologne (for your sex drive) that lures you to him. Inhale and exhale that sh** for a few minutes. If it does nothing for you, invest in new cologne/perfume for your partner.

  2. That Long Hug. Hug the other person for at least 15 seconds….we’re talking 15 Mississippis here. On a side note, if someone hugs you for longer than 3 long Mississippis (and you are not coupled with them), that could be a sign that person likes you in a romantic way!

  3. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. If you want to boost your partner’s sex drive, get them to put on/ buy something that would make him/her feel confident and sexy.

  4. Exercise. Whether dancing or running, getting some cardio will give you a boost of energy and confidence! This can lead to a high sex-drive.

  5. A hot shower or bubble bath. Warm water to your nether regions is just what you need for that extra tingly sensation in just that right place.

  6. Stare at your significant other. Hard. Focus on all of his/her features that you find to be extremely attractive. Or read a romantic novel, google those celebrities you’d bang in another life, or consider watching XXX videos. 😉

  7. That glass of “special juice”–drink wine or some kind of alcoholic beverage. This one is not for everyone, but it never fails to put me in the mood.

  8. Touches and massages. Soft touches anywhere can seduce your significant other with the small sensations–especially when it’s your love performing on you or you on him.

  9. Kissing. Obviously. Just remember to brush your teeth, use mouth wash, or eat gum so both of you can enjoy it!

  10. Eat chocolate. I can’t explain why, but this does the trick! And problem (or not a problem–depending on your opinion) for me, I can never stray far away from it. There are statics about it having an effect on sex-drive somewhere…

  11. Get imaginative. Think of all the kinky things you’ve always wanted to try. Close your eyes and drift into your sexiest fantasies. Your mind is the most powerful part of you. Basically, you can think about having a higher sex drive to get a higher sex drive.

  12. Walk around your place nude to get in the mood. If you are alone or with your significant other, get naked! This may not be a good idea if you live with roommates or your folks!

The biggest boner and lady-boner killers are when we overthink things and stress out over sex. It’s all about your and your partner’s enjoyment. Get your mind in the moment and focus on how your body feels–not if you are doing something right or wrong. And, definitely, do not think of what you need to do after you have sex. Live in the here & now. 

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