When I think farce, I think of those slapstick romantic-comedy stories and movies (because, I’ll admit, some of them I truly enjoy). The female lead is often in some sort of distress and could really use a good guy to help her out. Problem is, the male lead usually can’t get it together. Along the way, the couple experiences a slew of physical obstacles. For example, one character metaphorically feels “down in the dumps,” then falls into a literal dump. Rotten luck continues to triumph, and things get worse. So, you have two very hopeless people trying to come together and make a relationship work. Before it’s all done, the male character usually royally screws up.  But eventually, the male lead miraculously pulls through at the end–he gets his sh** together and “saves” the woman (coincidentally, at the end, she no longer needs saving, because she realizes how strong she is). She decides to get with the guy anyway–out of desire, not necessity.

Why is this so entertaining to watch?

Well, I could also ask why shows like Jerry Springer exist.

Watching people who seem hopeless and completely downtrodden makes us feel better about our own lives. Then, when those people finally get it together and overcome everything they’ve been through, it’s inspiring. Wow, if they got their sh** together, I sure as hell can get my sh** together. 

So, when times are getting tough, consider a night in the company of a good slapstick romantic-comedy.

3 thoughts on “All’s Farce that Ends Farce

    1. Often, I find myself wanting to slap the character. But it is, nonetheless, entertaining to me. These are not the stories I enjoy the most, and they are not the kind I write. Yet, on the very rare bad days, they bring me solace.


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