Everyone wants a love that lasts. A relationship that stands when the butterflies have flown away to Mexico for the season. Do you have that? Keep reading on to learn all the key signs!

Couples that work together stay together— not literally working together in an office or whatever you do…it’s important to have some space! Collaboration among partners in any relationship can be a major make-it or break-it factor. Collaborating on solving a problem, planning that much-needed vacation, planning a wedding (hopefully yours!), redecorating your apartment, or simply, concocting a new meal together shows you can work together.

You share meaningful conversations. You think more about this person’s thinking and not as much about his/her physical appearance….though you think of that too, of course. 😉 Relationships revolving on lust are temporary and sour like spoiled milk. You may think thinks are all well and good, but eventually, it’ll go bad.

You both complement each other. And no, I did not spell that wrong. While it is nice if you two shower each other with compliments, when I say you complement each other, I mean that you bring out the best in one another. You complete one another. Aww. Others probably say you are, “…so cute together,” and secretly hope you breakup. Get on that horse with your love and leave those jealous wannabes behind in the dust without a glance back!

You motivate one another–to get up and get dressed, to brush your teeth, to take a shower, to be a productive member of society. In all seriousness, it’s not so much about those things. It’s about the bigger things, here. He/she motivates you to run those 5 miles, get that promotion at work, to take on that opportunity to travel the world, to follow your dreams. You may be thinking, “Wow. I never noticed he did that.” If you’re thinking that, then yay-hooray for you! It’s a good sign.

You miss the other when he/she is gone, even if it is not a long period of time. You two went out on a dinner date the day before, but you just can’t stand being apart–so, you find ways to reunite. Classic Romeo and Juliet in the making; hopefully, you have a happier ending!

You make each other smile. The mere thought of one another may even bring you to smile. Others watching may think you are delusional as you smile into that bowl of tomato soup, but who cares what they think anyway?

You make each other laugh with reckless abandon. You two share a similar sense of humor. And no matter how embarrassing, it doesn’t matter if you snort or something flies out of your nose, gross! But you won’t judge each other. Every place is a safe space! You feel completely comfortable to be yourself around one another.

You lift each other up. You don’t seize opportunities to bring each other down. That is just unhealthy and mean.

You help each other through the hard times. The perks of a love for life–you have someone who truly cares about you. You are so much more than that fine piece of ‘grade A’ meat that strangers want a taste of.

You are genuinely happy for one another when the other meets success or luck. You want the best for that person. Their happiness is your happiness. Their success is your success. And, if you are married, their success really is your success! But, hopefully, that is not the reason you married.

You two always make time for conversation. You make time to talk with one another, especially when one person really needs it. You put the other person before yourself.

You don’t fight often. If you do fight, you try hard to see eye-to-eye and to understand one another. You talk things out. It never escalates to physical abuse.

You trust each other. Also, you don’t feel the need to breath down each other’s necks like that creepy guy from Hey Arnold! You give each other space to try new things, to get to know new people, to make new friends. Hacking one’s phone or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to check one’s messages does not show trust either.

You are a lot alike. You can relate. You like the same jokes. You share interests. You two can have fun doing something that you both enjoy. You respect and enjoy each other’s differences, and you do not try to change each other.

You help each other to grow and become better people.

If you said, “Yes!” to the majority of these signs, chances are, you have a potential love for life. 🙂

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