There are very few things in life that make me bitter… and I have been through my fair share of tragedy. I’ve put up with, and continue to put up with a grandiose amount of bullshit. Nonetheless, people don’t get me down. I am an optimist, a sympathizer, and always look for the best in others. So, what makes me bitter every once in awhile? Funny enough and simply said– a lack of food (which is common for me) and lack of sex (every now and then).

Before writing this, I googled, “orgasangry.” I even looked on Urban-Dictionary. To my surprise, there is no record of it. So, you are hearing it first from me on May 8, 2017. Remember that–because I feel like this word will become a thing…it already is a thing. It exists.

Orgasangry: adjective; a state of being angry due to lack of achieving an orgasm, a lack of sex, or an unused sex drive.

Excluding any possible virgins that may be reading this, think about how you are when you’ve gone without sex. Think about when you are extremely turned on and can’t get what you want. It can be unbelievably frustrating!

I’ve heard this from both parties. Both males and females are susceptible to being orgasangry or hangry (the state of being angry due to a lack of food consumption). Eating and having sex are basic human needs–so it makes total sense why you would get bitter when not having those essential things. If you have struggled with orgasanger, or are right now, I feel your pain. In this blog, are some ways to identify if you have been or are suffering from orgasanger, and if you are, how to cope with it.

Medical term: Orgasangry 


  • Intense feelings of bitterness or anger, that maybe you can’t explain, but your privates sure can!
  • A tendency to be snappy to others by minor annoyances.
  • Tenseness. Your body posture probably even shows it. 
  • Moments that involve stressing out more easily–that driver who didn’t turn on his blinker brought out savage rage you did not even know you had in you.
  • Feeling and acting jittery–you need to run up and down stairs, pace back and forth, or get some sort of physical exercise. This is your body trying to cope with the lack of sexual release.
  • Increase in headaches. Didn’t you hear orgasms can cure headaches?
  • Experiencing feelings of loneliness and detachment.
  • Feeling that you are unwanted.
  • Lowered confidence.
  • Increased sex dreams, and you wake up wishing that you didn’t wake up.
  • Severe drops in mood–thoughts like the world sucks, what good is there in the world, why is Channing Tatum married, I’m probably going to be a cat lady, and why doesn’t anything go my way?
  • Extreme fantasies--your wild imagination may scare you.
  • Lowering of your standards. People who you thought were unattractive and undo-able are now totally do-able and looking pretty good.
  • Metamorphosis into a Negative Nancy–people around you start to think you a bitter grump. Everyone’s running for the hills! Away from the beast!
  • Increased participation in distractions (exercise, alcohol, any activity that may distract you).
  • Decrease in sex-drive. This is when you know it has been too long. Decreased sex-drive means your body is giving up. You better get what you need and quick!

Treatment/ Remedies: 

  • Have sex! Immediately!
    • If you have a partner, put on something that makes their eyes almost pop out of their head or wear nothing at all. Most importantly, wear confidence: fake it till you make it (if you have to)!
  • Play with yourself. It’s called masturbation. Oh, don’t act like you are too good for that! 
    • Take extra care to rub yourself the right way.
    • Repeat as necessary.
  • An orgasm for an orgasm. 
    • Luckily, I have a very generous partner. But if it has been awhile for you, it has probably been awhile since your partner has had an orgasm, too. Consider the phrase. “You get what you give.” If you want oral, well…
  • Use sex toys to help you achieve an orgasm–either through masturbation or sex with a partner.
  • Consider giving in to one of your fantasies, if it is something you actually want to do. Approach your partner or potential interest.

Sex and orgasms make life awesome! And there are many benefits to achieving orgasms and having sex. Maybe this article made you realize that you or your partner experience orgasanger. This is a sign that you two should take it to the bedroom, or wherever it is you want it!

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