Summer is coming, and you know what that means: time for an adventure! What better way to get closer to the love of your life than to go on a romantic adventure together? You and your significant other in a car on the open road–or crowded highways, depending, for hours or days on a brand new adventure.

Whether you two are traveling across the country or just to another state, your road trip has the potential to be an experience you will never forget. Where you go and what you do are paramount, but you may be forgetting other essentials for a truly sexy and romantic adventure. Keep reading to learn about how to make the road trip extra special for the both of you. Road trip, here we go!

Phone. Capture your adventure on your phone–you don’t really need me to tell you this. You probably already had that planned: taking picture after picture, videos, later uploading to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. I do not blame you; I am you. If, for some reason, you still do not have a smartphone (it took me until last summer to conform), bring a camera. You will be happy you did!

Lingerie. Need I say more? Something silky. Something lacy. Something black. Something that is so teeny tiny, you wonder if it truly can be categorized as clothing. Probably not. Stock up on that s***, girl, and he will be rocking your world every single night.

Music. CDs are old, yes, but consider making mixed CDs of music you both listen to. Even years later, when you hear these songs, you will be taken back in time to the amazing trip you shared together.

Contraception. You’re going on a vacation as two people, you don’t want to come home with three. It may be good to bring birth control pills just in case that unwelcome b**ch, named Menorrhea, shows up unannounced.

Cooler and snacks.
Pack a cooler with water and other non-alcoholic beverages. If you are legal, pack the alcoholic ones, and make sure they stay closed until you make it to your destination. Chips, pretzels, granola bars, protein bars, and mixed nuts are all good.

Febreeze pouches to clip onto the car vent.
During a long ride, mother nature is sure to make her unwanted appearance. At some point, you will need to pass the gas that’s harboring inside of you. Hopefully, you did not stop at TacoBell or McDonalds. You might not regret that McGriddle in the moment, but it will haunt you later! You will feel like you are about to lose all control…and not in a good way. Don’t do it!

Razors and scissors (for some).
Ladies, you know what I mean when I say this is the chore that never goes away! Trim those hedges or mow that overgrown lawn! Armpit hair, vajayjay hair, and leg hair are things we need to constantly maintain. Soft, hairless skin is sexy, and he will appreciate that you are taking care of yourself. Not a hard-wood floor kind of guy? Trim and maintain that carpet, create a special design or landing strip.

Sunscreen. Why? Well, getting skin cancer later on in life sure would put a damper on things. But also, one of the biggest buzzkills in the moment of your trip could be sunburn. How do you enjoy sex or soft caresses with your partner when every time it burns so bad you scream bloody murder? It makes for an interesting challenge and evening, to say the least.

Massage Oils.
After a long day of walking and adventuring, a soothing, back-rub sure is nice…if you were wearing your sunscreen, that is.

Sex toys.
Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? Take this opportunity to try something new in bed or bring old favorites. Maybe you want to try some BDSM with a whip, crop, blind-fold, nipple-clamps, hand-cuffs, or other restraints. Start with a blindfold and work your way up.

Dildos or vibrating panties.
Technically, these fit into the category of sex toys, but the question is: Will you be using them with your partner or by yourself? You can do either, really. Maybe one night, he’s not feeling so great after that Mexican restaurant you went to. Looks like you’re not getting any tonight. You don’t want to turn moody or anxious on the poor guy because he can’t give you your fix. Take what you want yourself… you’re a strong, independent woman! If you’re courageous enough to let him watch, you’ll give him an experience the equivalence of a dream come true.

Gum, Listerine strips, and/ or mints.
Fresh breath is necessary for those sweet kisses along the way–at the stoplight, gas station, diners (and other restaurants you may stop at). Make it a goal to share a kiss at every stop (okay, maybe do not include every stoplight in this).

Lube. If sex is always on your mind, you may be good-to-go at any time. However, you two may decide, in the heat of the moment, to take the plunge and to decimate a new orifice–one that requires the lube!

Pillows and blankets.
You two will probably decide to take turns driving and napping in the car, wise decision. Maybe your significant other likes the car extremely cold–a temperature just above frigid– you are going to need a blanket to stay warm.

Extra underwear.
You can never have too much underwear, especially when on vacation with your significant other! Wearing dirty, days-old underwear might have been acceptable as a kid, but it is no longer. But no underwear beneath your clothes is fun sometimes, too.

Plastic bags.
As insinuated in above, cleanliness is sexiness. Tone down the mess in your car! You don’t want trash everywhere.

Waze App.
Download it on your smartphone– it will tell you if accidents, traffic, and/or cops are ahead! Because getting a ticket could really ruin the moment.

A little bit of everything: Clothes.
Bring all different kinds of clothes. Depending on where you are going, you may need to be prepared for a variety of temperatures and activities. Plan on having cute clothes, comfortable clothes, sexy clothes, and more!

Comfortable shoes AND pretty shoes.

Bikini. Even if you are not going to a beach–you may find other ways to use it. Haven’t you heard of snow bathing? Bring more than one bikini! Don’t bring that raggedy ol’ thang you’ve had for years. Upgrade and get one that truly compliments you!

Chap-stick and lipstick that lasts for hours.
Soft, supple lips are a must! For lipstick that lasts for hours, I suggest Rimmel London: Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss- Proof Colour–it really stays on through eating, drinking, and of course, kissing–whether it’s his mouth or something else you’re kissing.

That perfume he really seems to like.
Pack perfume, body washes, body lotions, and deodorants that smell good. If you want to be the dessert on his menu, smelling alluring is a must.

Sunglasses. This is a no-brainer, but hey, they can be easy to forget. I suggest bringing a few cheap pairs.

Journal. Hopefully, during the nights of your trip, you will be up in bed for other reasons. However, consider bringing a journal or notebook to jot down some of your recollections of the wonderfully romantic and adventurous things you did that day. It could end up being something you really cherish looking back on later. Down the road, you could even gather these thoughts and include them in a scrapbook or other romantic gift for your significant other.

Emergency ideas.
First aid kit, just in case! A flashlight and toolkit (this came in handy when we experienced car trouble). Extra cash–most places accept cards now, but not all. Also, you may need it for tolls. A GPS or maps (in case you cannot use your smartphone). Pepper spray or a taser, no kinky thoughts here. Spare keys (if applicable). Getting locked out of your car would definitely add some frustration. Been there, done that.

A positive attitude.
Yes, it sounds corny, but hear me out. Not everything will go according to plan. Does it ever? Things may get frustrating or difficult at times, but stay positive. I’ve had horrible experiences of needing to rush to the ER on vacation (on more than one occasion!), but I did not let it stop me from enjoying my entire vacation. Enjoy this time with your love…your road trip will be done sooner than you know it.

I hope this post was entertaining and/or helpful to you in some way. Road trips can be stressful, but remember to enjoy the quality time and new adventure with your love.

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