In this century, it is a necessity to text. With texting, derived a new skill (or art form, you can say)—flirt texting! It’s survival of the fittest out there in search of a potential mate, and you need to stay competitive—so, keep reading to discover the art of flirt texting.

How do you keep the other person interested and wanting more? I will tell you how to get that person to buy what you are selling…figuratively, not literally!

Here are some tips that have worked for me. I hope they work for you to land that date or second date. Reel in that special someone and get him hooked, because he is a total catch! Pun intended. This article was written as if you are texting a guy, but these tips can be applied to either sex.

1. Do not reply right away.
Wait. A few minutes. An hour. A couple of hours. Don’t wait days, though. He will think you are not interested.

2. If he texts late at night, wait until the morning.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants a “booty call,” but it could. Best to leave him alone with his thoughts of you for the night. If he cares, he’ll text you back in the morning.

3. Emojis!
Accept them. Embrace them. Love them. They will be your new best friend! You can’t go wrong with smiles. Did he say something that would make you blush? Use the blushing smile emoji! Did he compliment you? Try using the halo smile emoji. Are you trying to be direct? Use a winky emoji. For example: I really liked that new shirt you were wearing. 😉

4. Be sincere. Drop the BS, and save it for people you don’t like.

5. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no from him.
Open-ended questions are essential—especially if you want the conversation to continue!

6. Play 20 questions…stuff like: What’s your favorite (music, book, food, movie, candy, place to visit, hobby, game…et cetera)?

7. Ask about his day. It is simple, sweet, and shows you care.

8. Ask for his opinion on something. It shows that you care what he thinks.

9. Tease and play. But be gentle on his balls, don’t bust them too much!
If he did something embarrassing or lost to you in a game of something, this is the time to tease him about it. Be playful, too. “Come over here. I have your three favorites fully stocked…take-out, beer, and me. ;)” “I had a dream about you last night that was definitely rated higher than PG13.”

10. Always say goodbye.
The worst thing to do is leave someone waiting in the middle of a conversation. If your phone is dying, let them know. If not, one person may be freaking the f*** out on the other line thinking that they said the wrong thing.

11. Compliment.
Fluff his ego! Everyone enjoys a compliment, but don’t say it just to say it. You need to mean it. “You sure know how to impress a girl.” “You are too funny!” “What does it take to have that kind of body?” “Damn, you are so hot.” “You have the nicest smile.” “Your eyes are my favorite.” “I think green is your color…it would really bring out your eyes.”

12. Proofread.
Be mindful of your spelling and grammar. You do not want him to think you are an idiot. You also do not want autocorrect sabotaging you!

13. Show him you want him to be near you.
Express that you are thinking about him. “I cannot stop thinking about you.” “Laying in bed thinking of you.” “Can you come see me?” “When can I see you again?” “My apartment is much lonelier without you in it.” Add a winky face if you really want to seal the deal.

14. Elude to sex.
…even if it is simply mentioning you were taking a shower (this is overplayed…everyone knows that one!). However, there are others you can use…taking a bubble bath, painting your nails, and trying on new clothes. It gets him to think about your body.

15. Get to the point. Short and sweet.
Do not go on and on about your day. “Oh, first I went to the supermarket. Some creepy guy was staring at me when I walked in. I bought some tortilla chips and salsa. When I got home, I took my dog for a walk. He took a s*** on someone else’s lawn, I had to scoop it with my bare hands. Then I….” Just stop! Stop! Get to the point. On a side note, I know someone who actually talks like that. Be concise or he will lose interest. “My day was good. I ran errands and walked my dog. Now I’m home. Wish you were here.” 

16. Don’t be boring.
Don’t just say “hey.” Would you want to reply to that? Maybe… maybe not. I’ve been the recipient of many “hey” texts throughout my life, and I did not want to respond. To this day, I can’t help the automatic eye-rolling response when it happens.

17. Use his name.
Use his name. It really does have an effect. Saying, “Great job, Matthew” instead of “Great job,” makes it a little more special and personal. Plus, if he has some feelings for you, he will enjoy it especially coming from you.

18. Drink- text, if you want.
Others say don’t do this, but I think it depends on your tolerance, what kind of drunk you are, and how much you have had. I am really on my game and about to win the best flirt award after a nice glass of wine, a cold beer, a shot, OR a Margarita…notice how I said OR (not drinking all of those and then texting–that is not recommended).

19. Don’t send any “sexy pictures.”
He’ll get the wrong idea and have no respect for you. Respect yourself. You are classier than that! Those things can come later, if that is something you want to do.

20. Don’t use too many exclamation points.
You will come off as a crazy person. Maybe you are a crazy person, but you should probably hide that until he is in too deep with you and you’ve trapped him. Just kidding, be honest…

21. Touch base with him afterwards.
If you went on a date and had a good time, text him that you had a great time with a smiley emoji.

22. Don’t “mistakenly” text him as if you are texting another dude (trying to make your crush jealous).
This will discourage him from pursuing you. He’ll think you found someone else or that you are a flirt with every guy; therefore, in his mind, he’s not special to you at all. All your flirt-efforts will go out the window, and all of your hard work was for nothing. Back to the grind!

23. Try to show who you are over text.
This can be hard, but if something is on your mind, say it. Do not overthink what you are going to say…though I can see that being difficult after reading this pretty lengthy post on what to say. If you have a sense of humor, flaunt that. Anyone who can make me laugh is good in my book.

Have fun with flirt-texting, and be yourself! If he doesn’t appreciate what you put out there, don’t sweat it! Keep calm & flirt-text on.

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