Do you know your dream guy or girl and not even know it? I would say to close your eyes to immerse yourself into the questions, but that’d be counterproductive  as you need to be able to read the questions! –Unless you have someone quizzing you. Another suggestion is to write down your answers to reflect on and refer back to later.

1. What are your three biggest values?

Is there anyone you know that has similar values? Think of all the people that you can. Close your eyes and try to picture that person.

2. What is your biggest flaw?

We’re not talking physically here, unless you do have a MAJOR physical flaw that affects your daily life. Can you picture a guy/girl that would (or already) accepts your flaw?

3. What do you want from life?

As we are here for a limited amount of time, you’ve probably already thought about this. If you haven’t, get on that! Think about what you really want from your life…not what your parents, siblings, friends, or other people want for you. Dig deep! You may already know someone who shares similar desires.

4. What are five traits you really want in a significant other?

Pretty straightforward.

5. What are you most afraid of?

Try to imagine someone in your life who may understand or share that fear.

6. Who do you dream most about…(besides family, of course!) if you were to really think about your dreams?

If someone comes to mind, that means you are reflecting on him or her. There is definitely potential there for that person to be your dream guy/girl.

7. Physically, what does your dream guy/girl look like?

Is there someone currently in your life that you feel drawn to, turns you on, or someone who gives you any fuzzy feelings?

8. What do you do in your free time or when you are bored?

Can you picture a particular someone joining you or having similar interests?

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Is there someone you imagine fitting into your life? Is there someone you definitely want to still be there? Or, is there someone you would make adjustments in your life for–just to see him/her?

10. As you were taking this quiz, did anyone come to mind?

Well, you may already know your dream guy/girl! Maybe it is someone you’ve already lost in some way. Maybe it’s someone who’s out of your reach for some reason. Or maybe it is someone you do not know very well, but you can see potential for something to be there. If anyone did come to mind, you have an opportunity that is worth exploring. But be careful, that person may just see you as a really good friend.

If no one came to mind, he/she might not be there…yet. Also, possibly, you just need a little more time to reflect on those questions.

3 thoughts on “10 Questions: Do You Know Your Dream Guy/Girl? Pop Quiz

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 These are the questions that helped me realize my guy was the one for me. 🙂 These questions did not happen right away, but as time went on and we got to know each other. I realized that these questions gave way to very meaningful answers that showed us we were good together. These questions have helped some of my friends as well. I can’t take any credit for their relationships, but I would like to think that these questions help in some way.


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