Love at first sight? What do you think: real or not real? Feel free to comment below. Well, it’s hard to say whether or not someone can be instantly in love with someone just by the mere sight of them. But there is no doubt about feeling a special connection or peculiar attraction to someone based on the first time you see them. I’ve experienced it a few times, no judgement–it is normal to feel connections with people: it simply means you are alive. One of those questionable “love at first sight experiences” turned out to be my first love. Did we fall in love then or did it blossom as our relationship did? It is hard to say, but I do know our feelings for one another grew stronger with time.

Love at first sight: Those subtle glances, the moment that person realizes you caught them staring and casually looks away (trying to hide it, but failing miserably! or vice versa–when you are doing the staring and trying to hide it!), when you make eye contact from across the room and it sends your heart rate into overdrive… it’s these little moments that could possibly lead to something more. Maybe a love that began at that first sight.

8+ Years Ago:

My eyes flashed across the room to a beautiful stranger who caught my attention. There was something very special about him. Yes, he was totally hot, and gorgeous. But, there was something else about him–I didn’t know what, that drew me to him. I could see him turning his head my way, and in a nanosecond,  I quickly diverted my eyes. My skin was on fire, and I could feel myself blushing three shades darker than a Jersey tomato in that moment. I felt his eyes on me. Just like those scenarios when someone tells you not to look, but you can’t help it, I looked right at him. And I was met with the most striking, unnerving blue-green eyes. Those eyes held me as still as a statue. I felt like I needed to get out of my seat to move as adrenaline flowed in waves throughout body. Before I could move an inch, he flashed me a smile. Beautiful, happy music engulfed me from within my own mind. It was me and him–all the people in the background had done just that–faded into the background. For an unforeseeable reason, I felt like I knew him…like I had for years. I knew the type of person he was. I instantly and unexplainably knew that we’d be good together. I knew he was kind, smart, charismatic, funny, and playful (everything I had wanted), without actually knowing him–with only that first sight. My brain and body were having a disconnect. Do something, I told myself. Somehow, I smiled back at him. Yes! Small victory! That was the beginning of a true love, my first love. Maybe it sounds crazy, but that’s what it felt like for me and for him (we still both talk about it).

It all started with that first sight.

Do you have a similar story? Comments are welcome below!

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