Okay, let’s jump right in! So you found this person you really think is “The One.” Congratulations! Now what? You think he/she is perfect for you! Is he/she really though?

Taking care of a pet is a big undertaking, especially considering that you’ve probably also moved in with your significant other. It’s a BIG RESPONSIBILITY that requires communication, compromise, tender love and care! You can see what your partner is really like by living together and getting a pet.

Who walks the dog or feeds the cat? Will he do the dirty work for you in the relationship? Is he willing to scoop the poop? Will he take turns cleaning up the vomit? Are you? Is everything one-sided? You’ll see what he’s willing to do, if he can make compromises, and how he deals with minor inconveniences (like your pet taking a big a*** dump on your carpet or your cat missing the liter-box by a few inches…man, we still need to get a bigger liter-box for our cat!) Does he make time to play with your pet? To cuddle it? Or does he more than often tease and torture it? You may see a side you’ve never before. It can be good or bad, really.

Please keep in mind that the pet test is not encouraged by me. If the relationship ends, the poor little fluff ball or big fluff thing–will miss one of you. Your pet will either miss you or your ex-lover. And do not even think about putting it up for adoption! Think of how emotionally scarring it can be for your fluffy baby. Plus, there is a large statistic (insert your own statistic here:) ) that says many pets put up for adoption never get adopted. Many also get put to sleep.

So think twice about taking on this responsibility as a couple. You should be pretty certain about this person. If things go wrong, you need to have a back-up plan for your fluffy baby.

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